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Today was the day we picked up our package!

Updated: May 15, 2021

Today was the day we picked up our 3 pound package of approximately 10,000 bees give or take a few. Some escaped the package for the ride to MeadowSong. I have to say it is a bit disconcerting to be driving or riding for that matter in a vehicle in traffic with bees flying around in the car. Imagine driving down the highway, in traffic at 60 miles per hour with bees flying about. We were those people. But we discovered if the bees are are cold they don't fly as much...

So on this 42 degree day we turned off the heat. I draped my jacket over the package to keep more girls from escaping and we had a chilly two hour ride.

The beekeeper at The Maryland Honey Company had told us the bees would "begin to decline" if we waited to put them into their new home. (That's professional "Beespeak" for DIE) So we suited up, despite it being 20 degrees below the recommended temperature for installing bees and began the process. You can see a video below how it went. All in all, I am pretty proud of us! New beekeepers at last!

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