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The queen is alive and working- and camera shy.

Updated: May 15, 2021

I never did see the queen but if you zoom in on the picture you can see larva in the cells down towards the bottom. This means the queen is busy working as are the rest of the girls. But not the guys-- or Drones. You can see a drone with his big google black eyes to the center left.

A Few Facts About Drones

  • Drones never collect food, secrete wax or feed the young.

  • Their one and only purpose is to mate with a virgin queen.

  • When mature they fly out of the hive and wait in a DCA (drone congregating area) hoping to catch the scent of a queen.

  • If they get lucky- they die shortly thereafter.

  • In times of scarcity and before winter Drones are evicted from the hive since the queen is already mated and they are simply a drain on resources.

  • Drones do not have a stinger.

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